The Prairie Blossoms (Karen Kitchen & Mel Kubik) perform a program of contemporary and traditional Native American music, drawing from an engaging repertoire of tribally-specific American Indian songs:  Lullabies, stomp dances, round dances, stick-game songs, planting songs, and more; using their voices, a variety of percussion instruments, and piano to share unique songs and stories

They perform in many different languages including Cree, Creek-Seminole, Cherokee, Paiute, Dakota, English, French, Lakota, Osage, Pima, Polish, Spanish, and more.

Both singer-musicians were raised on the prairies of Kansas (Mel: Polish-German-American) and Oklahoma (Karen: Osage Nation), and in the midst of well-established and varied music careers, were brought together to collaborate on a small project in Portland, OR in early 2000...melding Native American Songs with contemporary musical arrangements.  They briefly reunited in 2016 as a trio (Cedar Rose). In June of 2018, they formed their duo, The Prairie Blossoms, and immediately began work on a number of recording projects.  Their first, "Till the Star Rises Here" was released in February, 2019.